39 Incredible Sets Have Made it into the Next LEGO Ideas Review

Today, The LEGO Ideas blog revealed the sets entering the next official review. There are 39 of them, and there are some absolutely fantastic sets.

Sadly, not every one of these sets will get made into an official LEGO product. Typically, one or two sets are chosen from each review. If we’re really lucky we may see three, but that’s unlikely. With so many great sets to choose from, the LEGO Ideas team really have their work cut out for them.

However, there are some sets we can likely discount straight away. LEGO is unlikely to release anything too close to its own ranges under the LEGO Ideas brand. That means we’re unlikely to see these incredible Hanging Flowers come to life; we’d more likely see something similar come under the Botanical Collection. We also can’t imagine Jiwoo’s amazing Opera or Library as they’re too modular-like in their design. We’d be happy to be proved wrong, though.

So: what are we likely to see get chosen? Honestly, it could be any of the sets. It’s very hard to predict LEGO Ideas selections. TV and movie franchises have been popular lately, but so too have completely random designs.

Some of the sets featured are sets we’ve already highlighted in our LEGO Ideas Spotlight. You might recall the Aladdin set, and the delightful brick-built toilet.

You can see all 39 sets up for review on the LEGO Ideas website. We’ve picked out some more of our favourites below.


LEGO KOALA by legotruman


TALES OF THE SPACE AGE by john_carter

LEGO INSECTS by hachiroku24

THE LEGEND OF THE SEA SERPENT by jackotrebel & rebeljackot


Which sets would you like to see appear on LEGO shelves? Browse the full review collection and let us know by commenting below. We’ll have to wait some months before we find out the results.

Before we find out about this review, we still need the results from the third LEGO Ideas review of 2021. The sets that made it to review stage were announced back in January. We can expect the results in the next couple of months.

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