Spend £200 on LEGO to Get a Free LEGO Ideas Sailboat

The latest LEGO freebie is here – but you need to spend a whopping £200 to get it. If you’re a collector, though, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem thanks to the wealth of new sets that launched yesterday.

Purchasing over £200 worth of LEGO products either online or in-store will net you a free LEGO Ideas Sailboat, worth £21.99 (though it can’t be bought separately). Currently, the offer is only open to VIPs, though from Wednesday we believe the offer will be available to all customers.

It’s one of the nicest freebie sets we’ve seen in a while. LEGO Ideas 40487 Sailboat Adventure packs in 330 pieces to create a sailboat complete with brick-built sails, two minifigures, and even two dolphins. It’s a proper boxed set, and an excellent addition to any LEGO Ideas collection.

The set originated from a LEGO Idea competition entitled ‘Built that holiday into that holiday!’. The goal was to create a small holiday-themed LEGO set with between 150-250 pieces. The winning set was from user yc_solo, whose Sailing Ship Adventure submission was ultimately turned into Sailboat Adventure. Most of the origial design has been kept intact – though additional pieces have been used to create a stand that resembles sea waves.

So: if there’s £200 worth of stuff from LEGO that you want, we’d suggest getting it sooner rather than later. This is a freebie certainly worth bagging.

(We can almost imagine that the minifigures included are Rachel and Joey from Friends; it’s just a shame the boat isn’t called the Mr Beaumont…)

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