These 10 LEGO City Stuntz Sets are Launching on 1st October

More new sets are launching on 1st October, and again, they’re vehicle based. Unlike the Ford Raptor and the Pickup Truck, which we reported on earlier, these ones are aimed at younger builders, however. It’s a range of LEGO City ‘Stuntz’ sets, featuring monster trucks and stunt bikes. And in our humble opinion, they look like great fun.

The sets range in price from £6.99 to £89.99, all featuring a colourful range of vehicles and minifigures. They’re all marked as age 5+ or 6+, so perfect for the youngest builders. Let’s check ’em all out, shall we?

Update 28th July: Originally, only nine of these sets were listed on LEGO.com, but another one has snuck its way on. We’ve updated the list to include it (it’s 60293 Stunt Park).

LEGO City 60295 Stunt Show Arena

  • RRP £89.99
  • 668 pieces

This is the most expensive of the Stuntz series, featuring two monster trucks, a flaming jump hoop (!), two smaller cars to jump over, a flywheel-powered bike, and seven minifigures. The price feels a bit high for a non-licensed set with only 668 pieces, but we’ll withhold full judgement until we can see it in the flesh. It certainly looks like it packs in lots of stuff.

LEGO City 60294 Stunt Show Truck

  • RRP £54.99
  • 420 pieces

This one comes with a flatbed truck (complete with a monster-teeth effect on its grill), four minifigures, a stunt bike and a range of obstacles to set up some ultra-cool tricks.

LEGO City 60293 Stunt Park

  • RRP £24.99
  • 170 pieces

This one includes a double-sided ramp jumping over a rather dangerous firepit. There’s also some sort of spider-infested zone and a ‘caution’ doorway to do some tricks through. It comes with two minifigures and a flywheel bike.

LEGO City 60299 Stunt Competition

  • RRP £17.99
  • 73 pieces

This one’s more pocket money-friendly, and looks rather fun. A ramp leads up to a flaming hoop, and with two included flywheel bikes it’s prime for performing death-defying stunts. Sorry: stuntz.

LEGO City 60310 Chicken Stunt Bike

  • RRP £6.99
  • 10 pieces

These next six sets are all the same concept: they contain a flywheel-powered bike and a different minifigure. We can see these being very popular with minifig collectors, since the characters contained within them are pretty unique.

LEGO City 60297 Demolition Stunt Bike

  • RRP £6.99
  • 12 pieces

LEGO City 60311 Fire Stunt Bike

  • RRP £6.99
  • 11 pieces

LEGO City 60298 Rocket Stunt Bike

  • RRP £6.99
  • 14 pieces

LEGO City 60309 Selfie Stunt Bike

  • RRP £6.99
  • 14 pieces

LEGO City 60296 Wheelie Stunt Bike

  • RRP £6.99
  • 14 pieces

And that’s all the LEGO City Stuntz sets we know about so far. What do you think about the new range? Let us know in the comments below!

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