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Fans of The Rolling Stones Will Love the Latest LEGO Art Set

LEGO Art 31206 The Rolling Stones

If you love The Rolling Stones, the upcoming addition to the LEGO Art range will be of particular interest to you. It’s the iconic lips-and-tongue band logo, which can be mounted on your wall.

Unlike other LEGO Art sets up until this point, LEGO Art 31206 The Rolling Stones doesn’t come in a frame. It’s not square, either. Rather, it’s a cut-out of the logo, and has a bit more depth to it than a standard Art set. It’s very striking – but surely appeals to a very niche audience.

The set is made up of 1,998 pieces. That’s significantly less than a typical LEGO Art set, but it’s also not made entirely of studs. Rather, the pieces seem to be mostly small plates. It’s eye-catching for sure, thanks to the sea of bright red bricks. And its size: it measures 22 x 18.5 inches (57 x 47 cm).

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It seems there’s two different configurations to the set. You can have the traditional logo, made up of red, white and black bricks. Or you can make a special 60th anniversary design, where the red bricks of the tongue are replaced with a yellow, orange and red ’60’. It looks rather neat – check it out by scrolling through the images below.

LEGO Art The Rolling Stones will be available from LEGO stores and third-party retails on 1st June. It’s priced at £129.99/$149.99. More information is available on LEGO’s website.

Will you be adding this one to your collection? We’d love to know what you think – let us know in the comments below.

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