This LEGO Toilet is One of the Most Popular New Ideas Entries

LEGO Ideas Toilet

When you can build just about anything you can imagine out of LEGO bricks, why not a LEGO toilet?

That’s basically what LEGO Ideas user NickLafreniere1 thought when he submitted The LEGO Toilet to the site on 1st April. Yes, April Fool’s, ha ha ha, but the joke’s on LEGO now, since the set has become one of the most popular on the site. In just 12 days since being uploaded, it’s garnered 1,347 supporters. It only needs 10,000 until LEGO must consider bringing it to retail.

LEGO Ideas Toilet

In all fairness, it’s actually a rather impressive looking model. There’s a lot of detail on The LEGO toilet, including a working seat and even a cistern with a lid that can be removed. There’s a series of see-through bricks on the back that allow you to see inside of the cistern, too, with some seriously impressive mechanics in there.

Made of 550 pieces, The LEGO Toilet is 21cm long, 13cm wide and 22cm tall. Alongside the main toilet, there’s also a UCS-style plaque with a tiny model toilet, and a minifigure plumber. It’s all actually rather great.

LEGO Ideas Toilet

Look, we’re not saying that we think a brick-built toilet would look great on our display shelves but… well, it actually kind of would. It’s certainly something a bit different, that’s for sure. Let’s hope this beauty reaches 10,000 votes. You can help NickLafreniere1 out by giving it your vote by clicking here.

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    1. Unfortunately you can’t! The LEGO Ideas program sees creators submit their own ideas, from which a small number are chosen to be turned into real sets. The toilet is actually up as part of the next review, so fingers crossed LEGO chooses it to be made…

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