Lego Ideas Spotlight: Hidden Oasis

Lego Ideas Hidden Oasis

Submitted to Lego Ideas at the beginning of December, Hidden Oasis from user OrientExpress24 is a beautifully-designed lost tomb that invokes feelings of intrepid explorers – and more than just a hint of Indiana Jones.

What is Lego Ideas Spotlight?

Lego Ideas Spotlight is a regular feature where we highlight some of our favourite Lego Ideas submissions. These are usually early submissions that still have a long way to go before reaching the review stage. That means there’s no guarantee the sets we feature here will ever become official sets. Rather, we like to celebrate clever and unique designs of talented Lego fans. To see more of our favourite Lego Ideas submissions, click here.

Just one glance at the Hidden Oasis and you’ll be smiling: there’s so much detail packed in here, but it’s all been so carefully considered. The central focus of the set is the tomb itself – a grand staircase leads to a platform, adorned with decorative columns and a detailed tiled floor. Around the base of the set you’ll find beautiful greenery including ponds and shrubs, and tropical palm trees help to set the scene.

Channelling the spirit of Indiana Jones, the set also features some surprises. Spiders and skeletons can be found below the temple – and you’ll have to watch your step, as a trap door can send you tumbling down. But if you’re careful, perhaps you’ll find the hidden golden treasure.

  • Lego Ideas Hidden Oasis
  • Lego Ideas Hidden Oasis
  • Lego Ideas Hidden Oasis
  • Lego Ideas Hidden Oasis

This is the 21st Lego Ideas contribution from OrientExpress24, and the second iteration of the Oasis design. Their other recent submissions have had a similar focus on mythological architecture, though sadly none of them have reached the necessary 10,000 votes goal. They have, however, won first prize for a Creatures from the Wizarding World contest back in 2018.

The Hidden Oasis has already passed the first milestone of 100 supporters: it’s currently amassed 280 votes and has over a year to reach 1,000 votes. Ultimately, it will need 10,000 votes to be considered for production by the official Lego panel. Head to its Lego Ideas page to give your support.

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