LEGO Ideas Spotlight: Suit of Armor

Uploaded to LEGO Ideas just yesterday, 26th October, this Suit of Armor already has 135 votes of support. It’s no surprise: it’s a unique design that’s both eye-catching and incredibly detailed. It’s the sort of thing we’d proudly display on our living room shelves.

Submitted to LEGO Ideas from user farmfarm, the Suit of Armor is based on a traditional medieval knight. It’s a rather big set too – it’s 18 inches tall, with an intricate plinth for the armour to stand on. There are a lot of silver bricks used here to recreate the full metal glimmer of the suit, and there’s also a brick-built shield to finish off the look. All the Suit of Armor is missing is a sword to go in its other hand.

The finished build is 1,719 pieces, making it the perfect size for an 18+ set… in our opinion, anyway! The designer, farmfarm, describes it as being a very challenging build, but one that was “totally worth it”. Based on the pictures, we couldn’t agree more. The level of detail here is incredible; from individual fingers on the gloves to a carefully-sculpted breastplate, the whole thing looks absolutely fantastic.

Ultimately, the Suit of Armor needs to reach 10,000 views before it can be considered for creation by LEGO. If you’d like to support it, click here to add your vote.

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