LEGO Ideas Spotlight: Dutch Windmill

LEGO Ideas Dutch Windmill

Sometimes, the best LEGO projects are the simplest ones. There’s something about the Dutch Windmill, submitted to LEGO Ideas by Lex1B that we love. It harkens back to the classic era of LEGO while still being a detailed build that captures a real-world structure.

Submitted to LEGO Ideas just total, Lex1B’s Dutch Windmill has already amassed 40 supporters. It needs another 60 before moving on to the next stage, though there’s another 59 days to reach that goal. Ultimately, it’ll need 10,000 votes of support before it can be submitted to a LEGO panel and considered for production.

This is a real eye-catching build that’d look great in any LEGO display. The round shape of the windmill has been achieved beautifully, and we love the use of old-fashioned fence pieces to make the sails. The blue front door reminds us of the vintage LEGO houses we built as kids. This is a classic LEGO model through and through, and we love it.

Inside is a spiral staircase and a small living area, enough for the two minifigures included with the model. The outdoor space is peppered with flowers, giving it a welcome pop of colour.

As Lex1B says in their own description, LEGO hasn’t released a windmill in a long time. Let’s make it happen. If you want to support the Dutch Windmill, go give it a vote on the LEGO Ideas website.

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