LEGO Ideas Spotlight: Monsters Inc. Monsters at Work

Image: LEGO Ideas/Tvrulesmylife

Come on; how can you not love this LEGO Ideas submission, uploaded by user Tvrulesmylife? It’s a scene from Disney Pixar’s Monsters Inc., showing Boo’s iconic door. Sully and Mike’s glorious monster faces linger in the background, and they’ve been expertly designed. There’s no mistaking who these guys are.

We’ve had a lot of Disney LEGO over the years, but we’re yet to have any Monsters Inc. sets. And LEGO isn’t averse to working with Pixar property; Toy Story has been a popular range over the years. However, Monsters Inc. Monsters at Work, designed by Tvrulesmylife, isn’t a playset. This is very much meant as a design piece, and so would be targeted at an 18+ range. But the company’s recent Winnie the Pooh and Sesame Street sets were also 18+, despite being based on very children-oriented properties.

There’s a lot to love about this set, but it’s the monsters’ faces that win it for us. Their expressions are wonderful; the designer has somehow managed to encapsulate their personalities perfectly. The detail of an energy capsule propped up against the door is a lovely touch, too. If you’ve seen the movie, you know exactly what’s going on.

Tvrulesmylife is no stranger to LEGO Ideas. They have submitted several designs previously, one of which – a gorgeous Nightmare Before Christmas scene – is currently at the review stage, having gathered 10,000 votes. Let’s hope Monsters Inc. Monsters at Work can gather just as many votes and make it to review.

Show your support by clicking here and voting for the set. Good luck, Tvrulesmylife!

Written by Kim

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