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It’s never too soon to think about Christmas. Or so they say. But LEGO’s getting us ready to get into the festive spirit; two mini Christmas models have appeared on the website, both set to release on 1st October.

One of these sets are already knew about, and that’s the Christmas Penguin. This seasonal build appeared as a teaser on the back of the Halloween Owl’s box, giving its upcoming release away. But now we have the full details about the set, as well as an accompanying set of tree decorations.

Check out the full details of both sets below.

LEGO 40498 Christmas Penguin

  • RRP £13.49
  • Age 8+
  • 244 pieces

The Christmas Penguin fits in the same range alongside the Halloween Owl, Easter Bunny and Valentine’s Bear. It sits on a white (icy) base, and is accompanied by a miniature Christmas tree and some presents. Read more about it on

LEGO 40494 Polar Bear & Gift Pack

  • RRP £8.99
  • Age 7+
  • 142 pieces

LEGO 40494 contains two hanging tree decorations: a polar bear’s head, and a wrapped-up gift. You’ll need to have a fairly strong and sizeable tree to hold these – from previous experience with LEGO-built Christmas decorations, they have a tendency to weigh down the branches! They look great though, and make a lovely addition to any tree. See more information on LEGO’s website.

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