A LEGO Christmas Penguin is On The Way Later This Year

LEGO has sort-of ‘leaked’ an upcoming festive set – on the back of one of its boxes! The LEGO Halloween Owl, which was revealed yesterday, has three pictures on the back of its box. Two of them are of existing seasonal sets in the same range – the Valentine’s Bear and Easter Bunny. But one of them is a set we’ve not yet seen: a Christmas-themed penguin.

The set, numbered LEGO 40498, features a black-and-white penguin stood on an icy platform. Next to the penguin is a small Christmas tree adorned with lights, and a few gifts.

We’d imagine the set will release on 1st September or 1st October; September seems a good bet, since that’s also the day that LEGO’s range of advent calendars will become available. It’ll be priced at £13.49 – the same as all other seasonal sets in this range.

What do you think to the LEGO Christmas Penguin? Will you be adding it to your Christmas decorations this year? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Kim

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