LEGO is Teasing a New Super Mario Set

LEGO Super Mario tease

LEGO has teased something new on its social media, and it looks to us like it’s Super Mario related.

The 20-second video teaser has appeared this morning on LEGO’s official Twitter account. It shows, what appears to us, as a yellow ‘?’ box synonymous with Super Mario games. You know, the ones that Mario headbutts, then gets some coins or a mushroom out of.

Watch the video below, and around the eight-second mark you’ll get a glimpse of the box itself:

But is that all it would be? A big, hollow block made of LEGO blocks seems a little wasteful to use. This is definitely brick-built, as you can see the outlines of individual bricks if you look closely, so it’s not simply a storage container. Maybe the box opens up, and contains something else inside. A brick-built mushroom, perhaps?

Let us know your own speculations in the comments below. It’s likely LEGO will do a full reveal within the next few days – it never likes to leave us hanging for too long.

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