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Lego Fortnite arrives in Fortnite next week

Lego Fortnite, an image of Lego figures on a Fortnite backdrop.

After months of rumours, Lego Fortnite is officially a thing! That doesn’t mean you can get your hands on a Lego Fortnite set, however. Right now, Lego Fortnite is only going to exist within Fortnite itself.

Not unlike Roblox, it’s set to be a game within a game, offering “vast, open worlds where the magic of LEGO building and Fortnite collide”. And it launches next week, December 7th.

If you think that sounds a little Minecrafty, you’re not alone. It looks as if Epic is trying to get a chunk of that block-building Minecraft money. And with Lego onboard, they stand to make a mint off it if they start selling skins.

All we’ve seen of Lego Fortnite so far has been a brief trailer but we’re still pretty excited for this one. We got a kick out of Lego Worlds but that never really took off in the way Lego might have hoped. This online collaboration could be the online Lego experience we’ve been looking for.

Will you be able to shoot minifigures in the face? According to Epic, it “.. will encourage creativity, experimentation and collaboration through play.” So it sounds like if combat is included, it’ll be of the Lego Star Wars kind, where figures get blasted apart then get right back up.

And the sets? Brick Fanatics reports that the Japanese Lego store had one physical Lego figure on display. As they point out, that could be a one-off. But our gut feeling is that Lego is absolutely going to go ahead with Fortnite sets. There’s too much money to be made not to.

If you’ve never tackled Fortnite before, it’s available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch and is completely free to play. There are paid skins and emotes, but when Lego Island arrives in Fortnite you should be able to visit free of charge. Never mind the 25th, December 7th can’t come soon enough.

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