A New Range of LEGO Disney Mickey and Friends 4+ Sets Are Arriving on 1st June

LEGO might be putting a lot of focus into its 18+ range lately, but that doesn’t mean it’s forgotten about its younger fans. Today, LEGO has revealed a new range of Disney Mickey and Friends sets. All part of LEGO’s super kid-friendly ‘4+’ range, they’re aimed at preschoolers and have been designed to encourage imaginative play and creativity.

There are five sets altogether, with prices starting from £8.99. Let’s take a look, shall we?

LEGO 10772 Disney Mickey Mouse’s Propeller Plane

  • 59 pieces
  • One minifigure: pilot Mickey

This is the smallest of the new Mickey and Friends sets. It includes a plane, complete with spinning propeller, which is 6cm high and 14cm wide. There’s also a maintenance tool rack, because you need to keep that plane in good flying order!

LEGO 10773 Disney Minnie Mouse’s Ice Cream Shop

  • 100 pieces
  • Two minifigures: Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck

This is a cute set featuring a few different elements. There’s Minnie Mouse’s ice cream stand, adorned with a bow to match Minnie’s iconic headwear. There’s also a sunlounger and parasol, and a small car. Some smaller effects, like a crab and a surf board, help set the beach scene.

LEGO 10774 Disney Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse’s Space Rocket

  • 88 pieces
  • Two minifigures: Space Mickey and Space Minnie

We love the astronaut Minnie and Mickey in this set! The rocket is the focal point, which opens up to reveal more play elements. There’s also a small space station, with some space-crystals and a flag.

LEGO 10775 Disney Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck’s Farm

  • 118 pieces
  • Two minifigures: Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck

There’s a lot going on in this set, and we love it. There’s a barn, complete with a winching mechanism, and a tractor. There are also some animals – a bunny, chicken, horse and sheep. Some smaller elements, like a wheelbarrow and some growing vegetables, really finish it off.

Mickey & Friends Fire Truck & Station

  • 144 pieces
  • Four minifigures: Firefighter Minnie, Firefighter Mickey, Goofy and Pluto

Goofy and Pluto are the highlights of this set in our opinion. This is the first time ever Pluto has appeared in a set. But the brick-built fire station, complete with sticker detailing looks great, too. There’s also a fire engine complete with ladder, and some fire-fighting tools so Mickey and Minnie can get to work.

All five sets will be available from 1st June in LEGO stores and other retailers. We don’t have individual prices for them yet. No doubt they’ll be popular with younger builders – but we’re also pretty interested in them ourselves thanks to the unique minifigures included!

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