You Can Now Buy LEGO Mosaic Maker Online

Previously a set that was limited to a small number of LEGO stores worldwide, the LEGO Mosaic Maker can now be purchased online.

There’s a handful of Mosaic Maker booths around the world, including one in LEGO’s flagship London Leicester Square Branch and another in Legoland Windsor. Costing £99.99, you’d enter the booth and it’d take your photo. It’d then convert your photo into a mosaic pattern, which would become the printed instructions of your set.

Since every Mosaic is made up of white, grey, black and yellow pieces, every set, is essentially the same. Regardless of the photo used, it always contains the same number of pieces. So there was never anything unique about your personalised booth experience other than the photo. It makes sense, then, that the Mosaic Maker is now available to purchase online.

Once you’ve ordered your Mosaic Maker set, you’ll have access to an app which allows you to upload your photo. You’ll then be able to print off your own instructions and get to work bringing your face to life in brick form.

Being able to upload your own photo actually makes much more sense. The booth at LEGO Leicester Square allowed you to take only three photos before selecting one. If you hated them all, you’d be stuck with a £100 set of your ugly mug forever. But with the app, you can use a pre-existing photo, or take as many as you need until you’ve got the perfect one.

The finished LEGO Mosaic Maker set resembles the recent LEGO Art releases; it’s the same size and built in the same way, with 1×1 tiles making up the image. However, the Mosaic doesn’t come with a frame or a wall-hanging solution, so that’s something to keep in mind.

An interesting observation, though: while the box image of the set says it has 4,502 pieces, the information for the set says it has 6,000 pieces; 1,200 of each colour (white, black, yellow, dark grey and light grey). Our best guess is that this release is actually different from the one you could buy from the Mosaic Maker booth. Including more pieces in the set allows for a wider variety of images to be built; you’ll only ever need 2,304 of the 6,000 available pieces to create your final image. Technically then, there’s enough pieces to built two complete mosaics and still have some pieces left over.

It’s always good to see new sets becoming available on, though. And it’s especially good to see otherwise limited releases becoming available to a larger market.

The LEGO Mosaic Maker is available now from, priced at £99.99.

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