Get Double VIP Points on Two New LEGO Super Mario Sets This Month

If you’re a collector of LEGO VIP points and you also happen to be a fan of LEGO Super Mario sets, then we have good news. Until 31st August, purchasing either of two new Super Mario sets will award you with double points.

Both LEGO Super Mario Lakitu Sky World and LEGO Super Mario Reznor Knockdown expansions are this month’s double VIP point offers. Typically, purchases from the LEGO store or from will grant you back approximately 5% of a set’s value in points. But for the entirety of August, these two sets will grant you approximately 10%. Not to be sniffed at, if you were looking to add these to your collection.

LEGO Super Mario 71390 Reznor Knockdown features a rotating wheel of platforms, adding a substantial obstacle into any Super Mario course. It retails for £64.99, so until the end of the month you’ll get approximately £6.50 back in VIP points.

LEGO Super Mario 71389 Lakitu Sky World takes Mario and Luigi to the skies, with cloud-shaped platforms hovering above colourful green base plates. This one retails for £34.99, so you’ll get approximately £3.50 back in LEGO VIP points.

The double VIP points offer on these two sets will be available until 31st August, 2021.

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