We’re Loving this New Smaller LEGO Art Set, Coming on 1st August

LEGO Art Floral Art 31207

We’re big fans of LEGO Art. LEGO sets that you can hang on your wall? An incredible innovation for those of us with more LEGO than shelf space. Unfortunately, they’re pretty pricey, at £115 each. More, if you want to buy multiple sets to make up some of the larger works of art. Thankfully, LEGO has answered our prayers and is releasing a smaller LEGO Art set at almost half the price.

LEGO Art 31207 Floral Art is just £59.99/$79.99 and measures 40cm by 27cm. That’s the same height as a regular LEGO Art set, but it’s slightly narrower; rectangular rather than square. This set has 2,870 pieces and can be configured into one of three flower-inspired designs.

  • LEGO Art Floral Art 31207
  • LEGO Art Floral Art 31207
  • LEGO Art Floral Art 31207

As ever, LEGO Art Floral Art comes with a brick-built frame, and so once you’ve finished building it’s ready to be hung straight on the wall. But unlike the bigger sets, this one doesn’t provide a configuration that uses multiple sets. You can build any of the three designs with just one set. Or, alternatively, make your own design from scratch if you’re up for the challenge. The bright range of colours included in the set make it perfect for doing so.

LEGO 31207 Floral Art will be available from 1st August from LEGO.com and all good LEGO stockists. It’ll be priced at £59.99/$79.99. Will you be adding this one to your collection? Let us know by commenting below.

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