The Best LEGO Icons Sets You Can Buy Right Now

LEGO Icons is LEGO’s newest theme. It’s sort-of replaced Creator Expert, encompassing sets aimed at adults that are designed for display purposes.

Now it’s officially launched, we’ve been thinking: what are the best LEGO Icons sets you can currently buy? Spoilers: there’s a lot of them. The LEGO Icons brand now includes some of our all-time favourite sets. And so if you’re an adult fan of LEGO, this is a theme you’re going to want to get behind.

We’ve picked out our eight favourite LEGO Icons sets, and you can scroll through them below. Want to see the full LEGO Icons range? Head over to LEGO’s website.

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Best LEGO Icons Sets Under £50

1. LEGO Icons 10311 Orchid

  • Price: £44.99
  • 608 pieces

While most of the LEGO Icons sets are very pricey, there’s a few that fall below the £50 mark, making them inexpensive and accessible for newcomers to LEGO. Unsurprisingly, all of these sets are part of LEGO’s Botanicals theme, and they’re all simply wonderful. One of the newest is this brick-built Orchid, complete with blooming flower and brick-built pot. You’d be forgiven for mistaking it for a real plant.

2. LEGO Icons 10309 Succulents

  • Price: £44.99
  • 771 pieces

Another new entry to LEGO Icons’ Botanicals range is the Succulents. This desktop collection of little cacti looks simply wonderful. The range of colours and shapes is beautiful and, from a distance at least, they look real. What’s especially neat is that each of the nine succulents can be built independently, so it’s a great set for getting the whole family involved with.

3. LEGO Icons 10280 Flower Bouquet

  • Price: £44.99
  • 756 pieces

The Bouquet is one of the first Botanicals sets, and a set that created a wave of love for LEGO-built flowers. We absolutely love this set of flowers. The shapes created from bricks are nothing short of incredible. Serious kudos needs to go to the designers here. There’s only one problem: like a real bunch of flowers, you need to supply your own vase. You can read our full review of the set by clicking here.

Best LEGO Icons Vehicles

4. LEGO Ghostbusters 10274 Ecto-1

  • Price: £174.99
  • 2,352 pieces

Who you gonna call? If you’re a Ghostbusters fan, then the Ecto-1 is simply a must-have. Not only is this one of the best LEGO Icons vehicle sets, it’s one of the best LEGO vehicles ever made, full stop. The detail included here is unrivalled, making it the perfect display piece for any movie buff. It’s a little disappointing that it doesn’t come with any minifigures, but since it’s not minifig-scale it’s understandable.

5. LEGO Icons 10295 Porsche 911

LEGO Porsche
  • Price: £124.99
  • 1,458 pieces

An iconic model of an iconic car, the Porsche 911 is just stunning. What’s particularly cool is that it can be built one of two ways: as a Porsche 911 Turbo, or a Porsche 911 Targa, complete with convertible roof. The detail included is down to the minute detail, including printed Porsche logo, engine in the boot and brown leather interior. A seriously suave vehicle, and one of LEGO Icons’ best.

6. LEGO Icons 10271 Fiat 500

  • RRP £69.99
  • 960 pieces

One of the smaller LEGO Icons vehicles available, the Fiat 500 is also the cutest. We might not be huge fans of this car in real life, but the LEGO version is simply adorable. It comes complete with luggage on the back, and an artist’s easel setting the location firmly in Rome. This is a classic Italian car, after all. As standard, the Fiat 500 comes in yellow, but a limited edition blue version of the set is also available.

Best LEGO Icons Buildings

7. LEGO Icons 10297 Boutique Hotel

LEGO 10297 Boutique Hotel
  • RRP £174.99
  • 3,066 pieces
  • 7 minifigures

The most recent Modular building set to release is also one of our favourites, and perhaps the best looking of all the LEGO Icons buildings. Doesn’t this just look like a hotel you want to stay in? The details here are exquisite, from the ornamental roof to the interior rooms. You’ll find a reception desk, fully-furnished bedrooms, a bar area and more. The seven included minifigures really bring the set to life.

8. LEGO Icons 10292 The Friends Apartments

  • RRP £129.99
  • 2,048 pieces
  • 7 minifigures

Oh. My. God! For any Friends fan, The Friends Apartments is hands down one of the best LEGO Icons sets you can buy. Okay, it’s less of a building than a studio set, but it still counts. This set recreates Monica and Rachel’s and Joey and Chandler’s apartments in brilliant detail, and it comes filled with dozens of easter eggs that fans of the show will get a real kick out of. There’s Gladys, Phoebe’s large-as-life sculpture, the chick and the duck, the iconic Barca loungers, and even Phoebe’s special dollhouse. Oh, and some floor cheesecake out in the hall. Read more in our full review.

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