You Can Now Get the LEGO Creator Fiat 500 in Blue

LEGO Fiat 500

LEGO released a Creator Expert Fiat 500 back in March 2020. In a striking yellow colour, this little model was a wonderful recreation of a classic Fiat 500. That’s right, not the horrible, modern version of the car; we’re talking the classic Italian runaround. But as part of a new pilot scheme, it’s now available in a stunning powder blue colour.

As explained on BrickFanatics earlier this week, LEGO is currently running a pilot program where it is testing releases of alternative sets. Along with a blue-coloured Fiat, there’s also a few other sets available; two different colours of LEGO Creator 31058 Mighty Dinosaurs, and two different sized variations of the LEGO City Fire Station. This pilot is simply a way for LEGO to better understand the buying habits of its customers. If people seem to like alternative colours to existing models, perhaps it’s something we’ll see more of.

Perhaps most interestingly, though, this pilot is only being run in the UK. That makes these alternative sets rather limited, and perhaps will later be collectible. Especially since they’ll only be available to buy until November.

The most noteworthy to us as adult fans of LEGO is of course the Fiat 500. Complete with a new number, LEGO 77942 Fiat 500 is otherwise identical to its yellow counterpart in all but colour.

You can order the blue Fiat 500 now from LEGO.com, priced at £74.99. It’s limted to one per customer, and it’ll likely only be available until November. It’s also available from Zavvi, the exclusive partner for this set. Zavvi do ship internationally, so if you’re outside of the UK and fancy adding this set to your collection, that’s the way to do it.

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