This Lego 2.0 Convertible Ruler is Such Good Value We’re Wondering if it’s a Misprice

Lego Ruler

We recently needed to add something small to an order to make up the price to the free gift threshold. Normally, a minifigure blind bag will do it, but we spotted this: LEGO 2.0 Convertible Ruler With Minifigure. Priced at just £4.99, it’s an absolute steal.

This isn’t the first LEGO ruler that’s been around. A very similar product retired in 2021, allowing builders to create their own ruler from bricks. That one didn’t come with a minifigure. And that one was priced at £12.99. Hmm.

Watch us build the Lego 2.0 Convertible Ruler in the video below:

Our ruler turned up no problem only a few days ago. But today, it’s marked as ‘sold out’ on both the UK and the German Lego website. It’s not even listed on the US site. It has us wondering: was this a misprice from LEGO?

Because for £4.99, this is the best value LEGO set we’ve ever had our hands on. It’s not many pieces – 28 altogether – but the inclusion of printed measurement plates makes it unique. And coming with a minifigure too? They cost £3.50 alone! Granted, this is a very basic minifigure who doesn’t even have a hairpiece. But still: a minifigure is a minifigure.

The set itself can be built as a 12-inch ruler or a 6-inch ruler, depending on your needs. There are a couple of spare pieces to facilitate either. We opted for the 12 inch option, offering more versatility. It’s decorated with colourful 4×2 pieces, meaning you could add to it if you wanted. We’d rather use it as a ruler though, so avoiding bulk is helpful.

So: if this set really should be £4.99, it’s the best LEGO set you can buy for a fiver, hands down. But we heavily suspect LEGO has made a mistake with the pricing; £14.99 would make more sense. Still, keep your eye on the store, and if you can grab this for £4.99, do it!

Written by Kim

Kim has loved Lego since she was a kid, but didn't get back into the plastic bricks until her late 20s. In the last several years that love has become an obsession, and Lego has taken over her house, and her life! When she's not building Lego, she's likely to be playing video games or writing about them: she's also the co-owner of You'll also find her work over on Space and LiveScience.

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