LEGO 76188 Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile Review

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If you’re of a certain age, there’s a good chance you watched the 1960s Batman TV series, even if you weren’t a fan of comics. It was wonderfully camp, and its depiction of Batman and his various villains was iconic. Also, the Batmobile in the show was a true stunner. The good news is that now you can own a model replica – albeit one made of bricks. If you’re a Batman fan, you’re going to love LEGO 76188 Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile.

LEGO 76188 Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile

  • RRP: £34.99
  • Number of pieces: 345
  • Release date: April 2021
  • Age rating: 7+
  • Time to build: About 60 minutes

What’s in the box?

In the box you’ll find an 84 page instruction manual, a sticker sheet with 8 stickers, and three bags of bricks. They’re numbered 1-3, for your convenience.

The set comes with two minifigures: a classic Batman and a classic Joker. They’re both unique to this set.

The build

Cracking open the first bag, your initial task is to build Batman. He looks neat in his retro attire, and as usual his head has two faces – you can either opt for a cheeky smile or an angry scowl. Even his legs and cowl are printed. Yep, this one’s a keeper. After building Batman, you then move onto the building a base for the Batmobile model to sit on. It’s simple but pretty cool, allowing you to rotate the model with ease and observe some of its details via the attached plaque, which consists of a large roof tile and a sticker.

After completing the base, you then move onto building the basic structure of the Batmobile before adding some flair. By the time you’re done with the first bag, the Batmobile will have wheel arches and two side panels adorned with stickers.

More details are added with bag number 2. You’ll build and attach the rear bumper, add some detail to the cockpit, then develop the front bumper. The techniques used are simple, but the results are very nice indeed. Along with the help of some stickers, there’s a lot of detail to enjoy.

Moving on the final bag, you take a break from the Batmobile to build the set’s second minifigure, The Joker. Again, styled on the classic TV show’s version of the character, he’s wonderfully unique. We particularly like his wispy moustache. He also has painted legs and a double sided head. Overall, both minifigures in this set are brilliant. With The Joker done, it’s time to finish the Batmobile. The boot is finished with a fantastic new ridged piece, while the bonnet makes use of standard pieces to wonderful effect.

Once everything is done, you can place the finished Batmobile on the included stand for display. Though you might want to make a tweak first. You see, by default you’re instructed to place guns on the front of the Batmobile, but they’re actually optional, with pieces included to make the front of the vehicle more sleek. It’s only right at the end of the instructions that you’re notified of this, so be warned. Either way, the finished model is exceptional.

Play or display?

Honestly? Both. Adults will be happy to display LEGO 76188 Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile. There’s so much detail packed into it, and the included stand makes displaying it an effortless task. But for those who want to play with it, there are plenty of interactive elements. There are the front mounted guns, for example, which can be fired. And in addition, the rear wings can be tilted, the boot opens, and the wheels work. It’s swooshable too. What more could you want?

Value for money?

For £34.99, LEGO 76188 Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile is an absolute steal. The included minigures are, quite frankly, wonderful, and will cheer anyone up who avidly watched the show back in the day. Then there’s the classic Batmobile, which is exquisitely detailed for a model of its size. Whether you’re a child who wants to play with it or an adult who want to display it, it’s hard to not be impressed by this model, especially given its affordable price. Simply put, if you’re a Batman fan, LEGO 76188 Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile is a must-have.

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