LEGO Has Officially Discontinued the Vidiyo Range

LEGO Vidiyo

After putting the Vidiyo range on ‘hiatus’ back in July 2021, LEGO has now fully discontinued the series.

The statement put out from LEGO, as shared by brickset.com, reads as follows:

“In July 2021 we decided to pause the LEGO VIDIYO roll-out to review performance and test new ideas. Through the extensive quantitative and qualitative research we have undertaken in the previous months, we have gained an enormous amount of learnings in terms of the music & content creation space and what it would take to succeed with the play experience, our go-to-market strategy in 2023 and not least how to build a sustainable business based on the VIDIYO experience.

Based on these insights we have decided to discontinue the physical VIDIYO products from January 31st 2022 but will continue to support the app experience for another two years to serve those consumers who have bought the products.

We still see great potential in pursuing music as a passion point and we will take learnings from LEGO VIDIYO as we continue to explore future fluid play experiences.”

Although rather convoluted, the bottom line is that LEGO was unhappy with how Vidiyo turned out, and it didn’t quite meet its expectations. And so from 31st January, Vidiyo sets will no longer be sold in LEGO stores. Third party retailers will likely still have them on sale until existing stock runs out. If you want to grab any, we recommend doing so as soon as possible.

If you already have Vidiyo products, you’ll be able to make use of the app until 2024, at least.

It’s a shame to see LEGO brands disappear so quickly. We really enjoyed some Vidiyo sets, particularly the Boombox, which we reviewed here. Hopefully LEGO will learn from its mistakes, and the next new innovation from the company will be a bigger success.

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