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There’s a New Podcast All About LEGO Video Games

If you love LEGO video games, you might want to tune into Bits N’ Bricks, a brand new podcast, officially launching next week.

Coming from the LEGO Group itself, Bits N’ Bricks is a podcast designed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of LEGO video games. Back in 1995, LEGO launched LEGO Fun to Build in conjunction with SEGA, a limited release title seen only in Japan. But from that point, the company has gone on to release many popular video games, and this podcast is designed to celebrate them all.

Presented by documentarian Ethan Vincent and games journalist Brian Crecente, Bits N’ Bricks will run over 11 episodes, covering all manner of LEGO games-related topics.

Bits N’ Bricks will examine the history of LEGO’s video games, starting with having to convince the CEO to experiment with digital content and through to modern day; with LEGO games now having sold over 200 million copies across the globe.

Over the course of recording the podcast, over 120 people have been interviewed and more than 275 have been researched. In the process of collecting the information, more than 11 terabytes of information has been archived. That’s a lot of LEGO facts.

An introduction is available today, with the first full episode, about Minecraft, to follow next week. You can listen to them all on YouTube. The episode listing is as follows:

  • 1 – Minecraft
  • 2 – Fluid Play
  • Holiday Special
  • 3 – LEGO Island
  • 4 – Unity
  • 5 – LEGO Builder’s Journey
  • 6 – TT Games
  • 7 – LEGO Universe Part 1
  • 8 – LEGO Universe Part 2
  • 9 – Strategic Product Unit Darwin
  • 10 – Past, Present and Future

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