Lego counts down to its big Dungeons & Dragons reveal

Four Lego characters silhouetted against the words Dungeons and Dragons

Wondering what Lego has in store for its Dungeon & Dragons set and/or range? You won’t have long to wait, since a ticking timer on the official site (alongside four silhouetted minifigures) reveals the, er, reveal, is nearly here.

Lego teased its D&D collaboration at the end of February and, last year, held a Lego Ideas Dungeons and Dragons competition. Dragon’s Keep: Journey’s End by BoltBuild was chosen as the winner and, as confirmed by Lego at the time, was going to be made into a real set.

So, we’re assuming that the countdown, which has less than three days on the clock, will end with the reveal of that set. The mention of “fire-breathing foes” on the site is also a big clue. But will that be all? There are so many locations and characters (monsters and adventurers) that Lego could put out set after set after set. And the site also talks about more adventures, so make of that what you will.

According to the official Lego D&D page, Lego Insiders will be the first to know. So if you’re not already a Lego Insider, formerly VIP, it’s worth signing up for free. Often, particularly when it comes to high profile sets, Lego will let Insiders order a set a couple of days before its full release.

Want to know more? Head over to the official Lego Dungeons & Dragons landing page and keep an eye out this Tuesday March 19th.

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