LEGO Confirms Adventures With Luigi Starter Course, Pre-orders Open Now

LEGO Adventures With Luigi

Just yesterday we shared the news that a LEGO Super Mario ‘Adventures With Luigi’ set had been leaked by an online retailer. Well, today LEGO has confirmed the set is in existence. It’s out on 1st August, and pre-orders are open now.

The Adventures with Luigi set can be played with by itself – just like Mario’s Starter Course last year, it contains everything you need to begin your Mario adventures. Or it can be added on to an existing course to make it even more fun. It will of course be compatible with all existing Mario expansion sets, character packs and power-up packs.

Luigi has his own personality and his own interactions, and the Adventures With Luigi set has some never-before-seen parts. There’s a ? block that will offer “exciting extra rewards”, and brown-coloured bricks which represent the ‘Tower’ biome, triggering a new sound from Luigi. Pink Yoshi and enemy Boom-Boom are new, too.

We still haven’t seen a clip of Mario and Luigi interacting together, so it looks like we’ll have to wait until the set is released in August for us to try that out.

Oh, and it turns out Luigi isn’t exactly identical to Mario after all. He’s “one LEGO plate taller” than Mario, giving Luigi an extra bit of height. It’s not a huge difference, but we’ll take it.

LEGO Super Mario Adventures With Luigi will be available from 1st August priced at £49.99. Pre-orders are available today.

See Luigi in action in the trailer below:

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