Mickey and Minnie Mouse Brick Sketches Sets Are Coming in March

Brick Sketches Mickey Mouse

We weren’t sure if we’d see any more Brick Sketches sets, but LEGO has released official images of two new sets releasing on 1st March: one of Mickey Mouse, and one of Minnie Mouse.

We rather enjoyed the first wave of Brick Sketches; two of which were Star Wars-themed, and two DC comics-themed. You can read our review of BB-8 here to learn more about the sets. But essentially, they’re a sister brand to Brick Headz, but instead of building figures, you build a 3D portrait of a famous character. They come complete with a stand or wall-hanging, so they’re easy to display regardless of how much space you have.

Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse will both release on 1st March, priced at £14.99 each. Mickey Mouse is made up of 118 pieces, while Minnie’s a little bigger with 140 pieces. The extra pieces are necessary for her extra detail, like hair bow and spotty dress.

More pictures are below. What do you think to Brick Sketches? We’re glad to see the brand getting continued, and hope to see a wider range of characters soon. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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