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Here’s the Exclusive Set Given to LEGO Masters Participants

It seems that participants of the popular LEGO Masters TV series are gifted an exclusive LEGO set as a reward for their participation. Of course, the real reward is the chance to win the show – in the US version at least, that comes with a whopping $100,000 cash prize. But surely such a popular show would have a very fancy LEGO set to gift to its participants. Right? Right…?

Er, not quite. It seems that participating in LEGO Masters will net you a 107-piece set, featuring a brick-built ‘L’ and ‘M’ (standing for LEGO Masters, of course) on top of a black plinth. It’s packaged in the yellow slip box that we’ve seen recent Gifts with Purchase sets in. It hardly looks particularly special, and we’re quite surprised it’s not something bigger and more elaborate.

Still, it’s an exclusive set, with just 500 made (and it seems each one is stickered with its number out of 500, to prove its exclusivity). So undoubtedly it’ll be worth quite a bit if one ever comes onto the second-hand market. But as far as we can tell, it doesn’t contain any exclusive pieces or printed parts, so anybody would be able to build this out of their own spares collection.

Thanks to brickset.com for the image

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