LEGO Ideas Spotlight: Pac-Man Wall Art

LEGO Ideas Pac-Man Wall Art

For the latest LEGO Ideas spotlight, we’ve picked a submission that would fit wonderfully into LEGO’s new Art range. Retro video game fans will love it, too. Submitted by BrickBuiltBabe, their Pac-Man Wall Art piece is absolutely sublime, giving the classic game a new lease of life as a decoration.

Made with just 700 pieces and measuring 41.6 x 41.9 centimetres, Pac-Man Wall Art depicts a game of Pac-Man just kicking off, with three of the ghosts still at home. It’s basic but effective, with the aforementioned ghosts perhaps being the most complicated building aspects. They look great though, and honestly, just seeing the piece as a whole makes us want to play it. A great thing about Pac-Man Wall Art is that you could customise it to your liking, removing the dots that Pac-Man has eaten and placing him and the ghosts wherever you like.

LEGO Ideas Pac-Man Wall Art

Submitted on 15th March, Pac-Man Wall Art already has 100 supporters, granting it another 365 days to garner interest. And we really hope it does – we imagine plenty of retro gaming fans would love this piece to adorn their walls. It would be particularly suitable for a gaming den; just imagine if there was a range of them, each depicting a classic Namco title such as Galaga or Dig Dug. In fact, it could be a three-in-one like Star Wars The Sith.

Do we think it’ll make the 10,000 supporters required to be considered as a LEGO Ideas set? Probably not, but you never know. In any case, it might inspire others out there to get creative and make their own retro video game LEGO art. If it’s tickled your fancy, why not pop onto the LEGO Ideas website and give it your support? You could also leave BrickBuiltBabe a nice comment while you’re at it to further show your appreciation.

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