The 12 Most Expensive LEGO Sets at RRP

Most expensive LEGO sets RRP

As the years have gone on, LEGO sets have got bigger and more complex. But with more bricks and more complicated designs, there comes a higher price.

For LEGO fans though, paying a little more for a stellar set is usually worth the cost. It’s now an ordinary occurrence to pay in the region of £200 to get our hands on the latest build. But what about the most expensive LEGO sets ever released? These aren’t the ones that are now worth a fortune on eBay, but the sets most expensive at RRP.

Most, of course, are from the last few years – but some might surprise you. Own any of these sets? Let us know in the comments!

LEGO Star Wars 75313 AT-AT – £749.99

LEGO Star Wars 75313 AT-AT

Release date: November 2021

Phew. The latest Ultimate Collector’s Series Star Wars set is a whole £100 more expensive than anything that came before it. £749.99 is an eye-watering price tag, but this is one heck of an impressive model. It stands at over 60cm tall, complete with poseable limbs and a moving head.

It becomes available on 26th November, and when it does we expect many a collector will want to add it to their collection. It’ll certainly look the part on any LEGO display shelf.

LEGO Star Wars 75252 Imperial Star Destroyer – £649.99

Release date: October 2019

This is far from the first LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer, but it is the hugest by far. And costing an eye-watering £650, it’s one of the two most expensive LEGO sets ever released. Will we ever see a set costing more than that? It’s hard to imagine, but who knows.

Released in 2019, this Imperial Star Destroyer packs in a massive 4,784 pieces, but it’s the sheer scale of it that’s most impressive. It’s a whopping 110cm long. Over a metre! If its price isn’t barrier enough for most of us, a lack of storage or display space will be.

LEGO Star Wars 75192 Millennium Falcon – £649.99

Release date: April 2018

Before the giant Imperial Star Destroyer came to join it, 2018’s Millennium Falcon was the single most expensive LEGO set by a huge margin. A margin of over £200, in fact.

One of many LEGO Millennium Falcons available, this one is the biggest and most impressive of them all. It’s made up of an incredible 7,541 pieces, and takes in the region of 30 hours to build. It’s certainly not a build for the faint-hearted, but what an impressive model it is when it’s finished.

LEGO 10294 Titanic – £569.99

LEGO 10294 Titanic

Release date: November 2021

A replica of “The Ship of Dreams” can now be yours, and what a replica it is. Made up of 9,090 pieces, this is one of the biggest LEGO sets ever made. It’s for sure the longest; from one end to the other, it measures in at a whopping 1.35 metres. Suffice to say, you need a lot of display space to show this off.

If you do have the space though, it’s certainly the sort of set that’s going to turn heads. Not only is its exterior very faithful to the real thing, it has internal details at two cross-sections, too. You can see the grand staircase, for instance, and a glimpse of the huge engines down in the engine room.


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