A Church in Devon Has Just Held a ‘LEGO Baptism’

Lego Baptism
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You read that correctly: a baby in Devon has just become the first to be baptised in LEGO.

Sadly, it’s not quite as we imagined it (which is, a baby’s head being dunked into a big vat full of LEGO pieces). Essentially, All Saints’ Church in Okehampton, used a bespoke font made out of LEGO for the babe’s baptism.

Why? Well, we’d presume baby’s parents are big fans of LEGO, but also, the church in question runs a special type of service known as ‘LEGO Church‘. The monthly service aimed at children and families teaches bible stories and encourages youngsters to recreate them with LEGO bricks. It’s not an original idea by All Saints’ Church: it’s apparently one of four churches doing something similar in the UK, with the concept originating from the United States.

And so, the baptism took place during a LEGO church session – and it’s only fitting that the font be made out of bricks.

It’s safe to say that LEGO Church is more interesting than your typical Sunday School traditions, and it goes to show just how versatile LEGO can be as an educational tool.

It’ll be interesting to see if LEGO Baptisms are something that the church continues to offer. And if so, why stop at a baptism font? We’d love to see LEGO altars, LEGO stained glass windows, LEGO lecterns and more.


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