An Upcoming LEGO Mario Bowser’s Airship Has Leaked

LEGO Super Mario Bowser's Airship

Thanks to Amazon Australia (and thanks to 9to5toys, for bringing it to our attention), an upcoming LEGO Super Mario Bowser’s Airship has leaked. The yet-to-be-announced product appeared for a short while on Amazon Australia, though it’s since been removed. Not before it was immortalised by eagle eyes, however.

The airship, set number 71391, is part of the LEGO Super Mario range, and is compatible with electronic Mario – and Luigi, who will be releasing soon. It’s a 1,152 piece set, so one of the biggest in the range. With that piece count, we can expect its price tag to be over £90, though one glimpse at the Airship suggests it’s worth it.

It’s a sizeable model, with some really nifty features. The front of the ship sports a brick-built replica of Bowser’s face, along the sides are cannons, and the back of the ship has some classic detailing. What really stands out about this model, though, are its mechanisms.

LEGO Super Mario Bowser's Airship

It seems the ship can expand and contract thanks to a clever folding mechanism. Closed up, the ship is a neat little model, but open it up and it can house more details and provide a greater play area for Mario and Luigi to jump around. It looks like it also comes with a Magikoopa and an adorable Goomba wearing a pirate’s hate.

We’re expecting this set, along with more from the LEGO Super Mario range, to be officially unveiled during LEGO CON, which is happening on 26th June.

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