Another LEGO Batman Cowl is Coming on 1st October

Batman hasn’t always looked the same. He’s wore different cowls depending on what era he’s from. Classic TV Batman looks different from 90s movie Batman, who looks different from The Dark Knight-era Batman. And as such, one LEGO cowl just isn’t enough. Despite LEGO 76182 Batman Cowl releasing just a month ago, another one is on the way. This time, it’s Classic TV Series Batman Cowl.

Listed on LEGO’s website for release on 1st August, Classic TV Series Batman Cowl is similar to the existing Batman Cowl, but has some key differences. Its ears are shorter and stubbier, for one. Its eyes and eyebrows are a different shape, and there’s no under-chin section, meaning the face is completely open under the nose. It means you can see a whole lot of stand, which we admit doesn’t look quite as eye-catching as the already existing Cowl.

It’s a little smaller in terms of pieces than the last, too; this one only has 372 pieces. Which means sense considering the difference in shape.

Still, this is a neat piece if you’re a fan of Batman, and seeing the two Cowls side by side should make for a nice little display. We have to wonder if we’ll get yet more Batman cowls soon, as these certainly aren’t the only two styles Batman has sported.

LEGO 76238 Classic TV Series Batman Cowl will be available from LEGO stores and other retailers on 1st October. It’s priced at £54.99.

More pictures are available below.

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