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Buy LEGO Central Perk From LEGO.com and Get a Free Friends Mug

We did a double-take at this offer too, but it’s right: buy LEGO Friends Central Perk – a set released two years ago – and you’ll get a free LEGO mug. Buy the brand new LEGO Friends Apartments, however, and get nothing.

If you’re yet to buy Central Perk, however, it’s a good offer. A freebie is a freebie, after all. And if you’re a Friends fan, you’ll surely appreciate having a rather special Friends mug to drink your tea or coffee out of. And Central Perk is a wonderful set, packed with so much detail that any Friends fan will surely love.

The offer is only available on online purchases from LEGO.com, however, so buy Central Perk from a LEGO store and you won’t receive the free mug. It’s available until 13th June, or while stocks last.

We just really can’t fathom why it’s not a free gift with the Friends Apartments, a set that costs more than twice as much. But LEGO’s gonna LEGO.

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