Get the 10th Anniversary LEGO Ninjago BrickHeadz for Just £15.59

Originally released last year as a bonus purchase when spending £85 or more on LEGO Ninjago sets, the limited edition 3-in-1 Ninjago BrickHeadz set has now been reduced by 40% on LEGO.com. That means you can pick it up for just £15.59 instead of £25.99. Less than £16 for three full-size BrickHeadz? That’s a bargain!

LEGO BrickHeadz 40490 Ninjago 10 is a rather nice set. There are three BrickHeadz figures included: Nya Samurai X, Firstbourne Dragon and Golden Lloyd; BrickHeadz numbers #146, #147 and #148 respectively. Nya is dressed in full traditional samurai gear; the dragon is wonderfully detailed, complete with teeth, menacing eyes and wings; and Golden Lloyd is, well, golden.

Honestly, when we paid full price for this last July, we thought we were getting a bargain. But at 40% off, it’s an absolute steal. BrickHeadz make great builds for those looking for something quick and easy to put together, or for those who are new to LEGO. We’d recommend grabbing this quickly, because we don’t think stock will last very long at this price.

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