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Ninjago 10th Anniversary BrickHeadz are Available to Buy in LEGO Stores Now

Last month, LEGO Ninjago fans could buy a set of three Ninjago Legacy BrickHeadz for £10 if they spent over £85 on Ninjago sets. The offer, which was in-store only, has now finished. But you can purchase the very same set in-store for £25.99.

On LEGO’s website, the Ninjago 10 is still saying “coming soon”. But we walked into our local LEGO store yesterday and found the shelf well stocked with the set. Since June’s offer was only available in-store, we imagine branches are now selling the stock they already had available, while the online warehouse doesn’t have any in. Hopefully, stock will become available online soon – but if you’re keen to get your hands on this BrickHeadz set (which we imagine is rather limited), we’d recommend popping into a LEGO branch, if you have one nearby.

LEGO BrickHeadz 40490 Ninjago 10 is a rather nice set. There are three BrickHeadz figures included: Nya Samurai X, Firstbourne Dragon and Golden Lloyd; BrickHeadz numbers #146, #147 and #148 respectively. Nya is dressed in full traditional samurai gear; the dragon is wonderfully detailed, complete with teeth, menacing eyes and wings; and Golden Lloyd is, well, golden.

The set is made up of 406 pieces altogether – roughly 135 pieces per BrickHeadz. We’re not sure how long it will remain available, but we’d advise grabbing it before it’s too late.

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