Lego Icons 10328 Bouquet of Roses review

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Aren’t roses great? Well, they are, until you cut them off a the bush and get to watch them die. That’s where this Lego Icons 10328 Bouquet of Roses set, part of the Botanicals Collection, comes in. Build your own bouquet of roses, pop them in a jar and never, ever worry about them wilting.

And, while we went thinking this was going to be a tedious build, this eye-catching set is actually rather fun to make, especially if you’ve got a vase handy.

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    LEGO Icons Botanical Collection Bouquet of Roses (10328)

    • RRP: £54.99
    • Number of pieces: 822
    • Release date: January 2024
    • Age rating: 18+
    • Time to build: 2-3 hours

What’s in the box?

For your money, you get six bags of Lego and a trio of manuals. You build the set two bags at a time, each leaving you with four roses to display while you build the rest. There’s also a green Lego tool, a change from the regular orange ones.

If you like a little extra reading material, you’ll be happy to hear that each manual has a handful of factoids about roses. They’re not all romance related either, there’s plenty of botanical info squeezed into those pages. What you don’t get is a vase, so you’ll need to pick one up to display these properly (or build one from other bits of Lego, if you want).

The build

The set looks absolutely gorgeous, both on the box and when you finally complete it. We weren’t looking forward to making it, however, because of the tedium of making rose after rose after rose. But it’s actually rather fun, because the twelve roses come in three different types, depending how open they’re meant to be.

So, once you’ve crafted four you can pop them in a vase for display, which’ll motivate you to keep going. You could build each rose individually but when we saw the 4x in the instructions, we decided to build each of the four alongside each other. Had we built each one by one it might have felt like more of a chore.

Our one gripe is that while the build only took us three hours or so, the instructions could do with a tweak. There’s a bit where you have to fold the rose petals together, but the manual’s not clear on how to do this. In the end, we found a YouTube speed build which cleared things up, but it’s an annoying oversight.

Play or display?

This is 100% a display set. You can rearrange the roses, as well as the little white flowers that come with the set. But you won’t be flying them around the room making airplane noises. However, they look beautiful on display and pretty convincing too. It’s only their shininess that, close-up, gives them away.

Value for money?

£54.99 is a reasonable price for a set that’s so perfectly suited for display. Would we have liked a vase to be included? Yes, but unless you’re in the middle of nowhere you can probably pick one up for few pounds.

Should you buy Lego Icons Botanical Collection Bouquet of Roses 10328?

If you’re a fan of Lego’s Botanical collection, this is an absolute must have. With some creative use of parts, this nails the look of a bouquet of roses and it’s bound to be a talking piece, really drawing the eye. It’s also a great way to get into the Botanicals range.

Is it the most entertaining build ever? No, but it’s more fun than you might anticipate, looking at it. And at a price that won’t break your bank, this beautiful set could have you filling your house with a host of other Lego greenery.

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