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Lego’s Animal Crossing sets have a game-accurate but potentially frustrating feature

Lego 77049 Isabelle's House Visit

Lego’s Animal Crossing sets are here! Well, they’re here if you can find them, since the official Lego site has them all out of stock or on back order. But as some have spotted, these sets have a curious feature that, while accurate to the game, could prove frustrating to builders.

We’re not talking about the way they’re geared towards play rather than display. Lego was never going to deliver the massive houses that some fans seemed to want, these are sets that’ll sell to all ages. No, what’s put fans out a little is that, in at least one set, the front door isn’t perfectly aligned with the path.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players had similar problems, even resorting to spreadsheet to get their villages just right. The general consensus was that digging holes was the way to go. And now, Lego has brought that all back.

“The Animal Crossing Lego set of Isabelle’s house got the frustrating lining up of paths / doors perfectly”, one Redditor remarks. It’s not a build error, either, despite other Reddit users suggestions that they rotate the piece. This is a definite design decision and other sets seem to follow suit.

This isn’t a deal breaker by any means. But now we know it’s there, we can feel one of our eyelids twitching every time we look at it. If we get our hands on one, you can bet we’ll be spending hours trying to get it just right. Even if that means plunging into a massive box of spare Lego pieces? Absolutely.

If you don’t mind the sets taunting you with their wonky paths, just how can get your hands on them? At the time of writing, physical stores seem to have some supply. The sets are also in stock on Amazon, but a peek at the Amazon Marketplace reveals some third party sellers are already listing them for silly prices, in anticipation of a shortage.

We have our fingers crossed that Lego can keep up with demand for these undeniably cool sets. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to take a tape measure to our front path. No reason.

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