LEGO Ideas Spotlight: Golden Clifftop Temple

Image: LEGO Ideas/FirstOrderLuka

We almost don’t need to write an y words about today’s LEGO Ideas Spotlight pick. Just one image of it speaks volumes; look how beautiful and detailed this is! Inspired by Japanese/Asian Architecture, the Golden Clifftop Temple is made up of two rocky islands, joined together by a rope bridge. On the larger island sits a temple, accompanied by a beautifully-moulded tree. It truly is a stunning build.

Image: LEGO Ideas/FirstOrderLuka

Golden Clifftop Temple has been submitted to LEGO Ideas by user FirstOrderLuka. It’s the third contribution they’ve made to the site, and by far the most outstanding. It was only submitted three days ago, but it already has 815 supporters. That means it has smashed through the first goalpost (100), and is already close to reaching the second goalpost of 1,000 views. (It has 421 days to reach it, but we don’t think it will need them.) Ultimately, Golden Clifftop Temple needs 10,000 votes; at that point,

FirstOrderLuka provided some interesting information in their description. The finished model of Golden Clifftop Temple took them around 2-3 months to complete, with the original idea coming from a sketch. We’re not sure of the overall piece count, but it looks to be a very sizeable model. And one that we’d absolutely love to have in our collection.

Image: LEGO Ideas/FirstOrderLuka

If you love Golden Clifftop Temple as much as we do, head to LEGO Ideas and cast your vote. Hit the “support” button to help FirstOrderLuka reach that goal of 10,000 votes.

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