Save 1/3 on LEGO 31207 Floral Art at Amazon

LEGO Art Floral Art 31207

LEGO’s latest Art set has been reduced by 33% on Amazon, providing a saving of £40. If you’re a fan of LEGO’s latest for-adults innovation, this is a set not to be missed.

LEGO Art 31207 Floral Art is the first set in LEGO’s Art range to be smaller. While other sets have carried a £115 price tag and are square in size, the Floral Art is instead rectangular, with a lower piece count and an almost-halved price tag. This set allows you to create one of three flower pictures, using single LEGO studs in a mosaic arrangement.

With an RRP of £59.99, the set is currently just £40 on Amazon – a bargain if we do say so. If you’re interested in the set, we’d recommend grabbing it while you can: we can’t imagine it going any cheaper than this.

Written by Kim

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