Two New Giant LEGO Classic Boxes Are Coming on 1st June

Great news if you’re a fan of a box of random bricks. LEGO has two new Classic boxes coming to stores on 1st June (1st August in North America). And they’re the biggest – and most expensive LEGO Classic boxes available.

The first is ‘Build Together’, a 1,601-piece box that celebrates co-operative building. What we like about this set is that it comes with a sorting box, allowing bricks to be organised by colour, shape, or, well, however you want. It also comes with multiple instruction booklets, so children (or adults!) can build side-by-side.

However: for £89.99, this feels very expensive. Sure, it’s a lot of pieces, but Classic sets tend to focus on simpler, more common LEGO pieces.

The second LEGO Classic set coming on 1st June is ‘Space Mission’, a set themed around Space. Unusual for a Classic set, but it makes a nice change. Despite having more pieces than Build Together, this one is cheaper at £69.99. Perhaps you’re paying for the sorting tray in the other set?

Either way, if these float your boat they’ll be available in LEGO retailers across Europe on 1st June. We’ve got more details below.

LEGO Classic 11020 Build Together

  • RRP £89.99/$99.99
  • 1,601 pieces
  • Age 5+

This feels a little steep for a Classic box, but there’s a lot we like here. A sorting box! Make this standard please, LEGO. We also like that it includes multiple instruction booklets, promoting people building together. See more on

LEGO Classic 11022 Space Mission

  • RRP £69.99/$69.99
  • 1,700 pieces
  • Age 5+

This is unusual: a Classic set with a very specific theme. It’s a huge box of bricks, and of course it can be used to build just about anything. But it comes with instructions on how to build a rocket, a shuttle and more. Find out information on LEGO’s store page.

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