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5 LEGO Themes We’d Like to See More of in 2022

LEGO Friends Monica's Apartment

Hundreds of LEGO sets get released every year. Some of those are from long-running series, like LEGO City or Creator. Others are new initiatives that sometimes stay around, but often quickly go.

We’ve been thinking about the LEGO themes we’d like to see more of in 2022. None of these have been officially discontinued, and some of them have had a very active 2021. But we hope that continues into the new year.

Speed Champions

LEGO Speed Champions have been running for a long time, but every year only sees about half a dozen sets get released. We had seven in total in 2021, and it was the same in 2020. We love these little cars; they’re the perfect size for any age, but their attention to detail means they’re suitable for adults looking for a budget build. Brickset has 5 unknown Speed Champions sets indexed for 2022, so let’s hope they do come to fruition.

Brick Sketches

LEGO Brick Sketches 40386 Batman review

We’ve only had two LEGO Brick Sketches sets out in 2021, and there’s only six in the range altogether. As far as we’re award, LEGO hasn’t discontinued the range. We hope not, anyway. These budget-priced pop icon builds are great little display pieces. We love that they can be stood up like a photo frame, or hung on the wall.


We’re not talking LEGO’s own Friends range – that’s one of LEGO’s most successful brands, and it’s certainly not going anywhere. No, we mean Friends as in the sitcom. 2021 saw the release of Friends: The Apartments, a model of Joey and Chandler and Monica and Rachel’s apartment. Previously, we also had Central Perk. We’d love to see more, although considering there aren’t really any more iconic locations it seems unlikely.

How about a small build of Phoebe and Rachel running through Central Perk? The Laundromat, complete with a LEGO box of UBERWEISS? There’s always Phoebe’s and Ross’s apartments too. Heck, we’ll take anything.

Nintendo/Super Mario

LEGO 71395 Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block

The LEGO Super Mario range isn’t going anywhere – several sets are already lined up for 1st January 2021. But we’d like to see more ‘big’ collaborations with Nintendo, like the brick-built NES and this wonderful Question Mark Block. Seeing some sets come from other Nintendo IPs, like Zelda or Animal Crossing, would be wonderful too.


LEGO Taj Mahal

LEGO Architecture sets have slowed down in recent years, with just one releasing in 2021: the Taj Mahal as pictured above. We know the series isn’t ending – a Singapore skyline set is scheduled to release on 1st January. But we’d love to see some more. It seems that LEGO’s expanding focus on 18+ Creator Expert sets has taken away some of the appeal of Architecture sets, but we’d like to see more iconic buildings designed to the same scale.

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