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LEGO and Universal Music Group Reveal VIDIYO, A Music Video Maker Aimed at Kids

LEGO is no stranger to working on projects very left-of-field. VIDIYO is the latest to be announced, which is a collaboration with Universal Music Group. It’s designed as “a playful and innovative music video maker experience designed to celebrate and expand children’s creativity and passion for music”. Okay then.

That certainly sounds unusual for LEGO, but it’s an interesting idea. LEGO Vidiyo will be largely app-based, but physical LEGO products will also form part of the range. Special bricks and minifigures will be available for purchase, which can be added to the app via AR technology.

Physical tiles, known as ‘BeatBits’, will be available to purchase. Each will contain a sound clip or special effect that can be used in a music video creation. Minifigures will also be available to purchase; these will become band members within the app.

The ‘BeatBits’ tiles are perhaps the most interesting part of LEGO VIDIYO, particularly from a builder’s perspective. These 2×2 tiles are printed LEGO elements, and each one has a unique never-seen-before design. They’d make great posters or decorations in a LEGO City set-up, and the idea of them being interactive via the app adds a new element to play.

LEGO VIDIYO is coming soon. Read the official LEGO press release for more information.

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