LEGO’s Classic 90 Years of Play Set Celebrates Some of the Most Iconic LEGO Builds

LEGO Classic 90 Years of Play

2022 is a big milestone for LEGO: it marks the company’s 90th anniversary. 90 years! That’s a big deal. And to celebrate, we expect that a swathe of anniversary-themed sets will be coming to stores. The first one has been announced: LEGO Classic 11021 90 Years of Play, which is coming to stores on 1st May.

This 1,110 piece set contains a vast selection of bricks for builders to create their own models. But there’s one key difference from a standard box of Classic bricks: it features miniature builds of more than a dozen iconic LEGO models from the last 90 years.

As you can see in the timeline above, the minibuilds start from 1932, a time when LEGO made wooden toys. As such, there’s a brick-built recreation of LEGO’s iconic wooden pull-along duck. The next minibuild on the timeline is a house and truck from 1961, with recreations of sets dating all the way up to 2020.

What’s included in LEGO 11021 90 Years of Play?

Here’s a full rundown of the sets that have been recreated in LEGO Classic 11021 90 Years of Play:

  • Wooden Duck, 1931
  • House and truck, 1961 (likely from 810 Town Plan)
  • 113 Motorized Train set, 1966
  • 375 Castle, 1978
  • 497 Galaxy Explorer, 1979
  • Fabuland 3601 Elton Elephant, 1981
  • 6285 Black Seas Barracuda, 1989
  • 5978 Sphinx Secret Surprise, 1998
  • Belville 5827 Royal Coach, 2000
  • Bionicle 8534 Tahu, 2001
  • City 7237 Police Station, 2005
  • Technic 8043 Motorized Excavator, 2010
  • Ninjago 70503 The Golden Dragon, 2013
  • Friends 41340 Friendship House, 2017
  • Dots 41906 Pineapple Pencil Holder, 2020

It makes a nice little trip down memory lane for any older LEGO fan, and a nice way for younger builders to see how LEGO has developed over the years. The 90 Years of Play set will include enough bricks to build all of the above minibuilds, along with plenty more for builders to make their own creations.

LEGO Classic 90 Years of Play

As for why we’re so sure that this won’t be the only set to commemorate LEGO’s momentous anniversary? Well, check out that ’90 years of play’ banner on the box. LEGO tends to only put that kind of thing on a series. More will be revealed very soon, we’d imagine.

LEGO Classic 11021 will be available from 1st May priced at £44.99. It’ll be available from the LEGO store and other third-party LEGO retailers. You can find out more about it on LEGO’s website.

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