LEGO and Adidas Have Entered into a Multi-Year Partnership

Following on from the release of the Adidas Originals ZX 8000 LEGO trainer last month, LEGO and Adidas have today announced they’ve entered into a “multi-year partnership”.

“The collaboration will see new co-created products to inspire creativity and foster a more playful, positive and inclusive world for adults and children from any background or sporting ability,” reads the press release.

It seems LEGO wants to place some emphasis on the importance of sport for children. “Great play experiences are a fun way to learn and build creative confidence, and so is sport,” says Julia Goldin, the LEGO Group’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Together, play and sport let children experience collaboration and the principles of fair-play, as well as build mental resilience.”

It seems a strange step for LEGO, but the desire to see children be more active in their play makes sense.

Exactly what the partnership will entail has yet to be revealed, however. It will include ‘products for various sports and an active lifestyle’. The first wave will launch in December, with more to follow throughout 2021. The products won’t be aimed squarely at kids, however; adults will be included in the mix, too.

It’s likely we’ll see more activewear; more trainers make sense, and hoodies and sweatpants seem likely too. But perhaps we’ll also see sport equipment. More information about the collaboration is available here.

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