Lego Bricktales is getting a spooky update just in time for Halloween

We were a tad disappointed with Lego Bricktales when it launched on PC and consoles last October. A year later, some of its troublesome bugs should have been ironed out by now, though, and so we’re keen to revisit it.

There’s a good reason to revisit it right now, too: it’s just received a free Halloween update.

The Halloween update for Lego Bricktales adds a new diorama to the game; a spooky swamp complete with a witch’s house. Visit this diorama and you’ll find new objectives to complete, including building a bridge to the witch’s house and fixing her roof.

There’s a new music track to accompany your eerie encounter with the witch, too. And if you complete all of the objectives you’re given, you’ll obtain three new wardrobe items.

The Halloween update for Lego Bricktales follows in the footsteps of free Summer and Easter updates for the game, adding more content for players to get stuck into.

So, if you love puzzles, and Lego, it’s well worth taking a look at LEGO Bricktales if you haven’t already done so. Just be prepared to build a lot of Bridges. And if you’re playing on console, get frustrated with its fiddly controls.

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