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This Giant LEGO Roller Coaster is Incredible

We’ve just come across the most incredible YouTube video involving a giant LEGO Roller Coaster. You’re likely familiar with LEGO Creator Expert 10261 Roller Coaster, right? It’s a fantastic model, and with 4,124 pieces, it’s pretty big as it is. But YouTube creator Half-Asleep Chris decided one roller coaster wasn’t enough. Oh no; instead, he purchased ten of them, combining the pieces to make a floor-to-ceiling height LEGO Roller Coaster. The result? Something rather spectacular.

The 10-minute video, embedded above, shows the trials and tribulations that Half-Asleep Chris has faced in creating the Roller Coaster. Originally, he intended the model to be solely out of LEGO, but the sheer height he was aiming for meant bricks alone simply weren’t strong enough. He opted to build a wooden frame to ensure the roller coaster was sturdy. Cheating? Perhaps, but when the results are this cool, it really doesn’t matter.

The finished coaster features two loop-de-loops, a vertical drop, a smoke-filled chamber, and a ridiculous amount of colourful lights. Oh, and a LEGO Roller Coaster that fills his entire living room.

Give the video a watch above, and look out for the adorable cameo from Bella the cat.

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