49 Lego Ideas sets are up for review including two Taylor Swift sets

Lego Ideas Taylor Swift Lover House

Typical, you don’t wait for a Lego Taylor Swift set and then two come along at once. Okay, we’re not Taylor Swift fans, so perhaps we don’t appreciate her appeal. But we were still surprised to see that this year’s second round of Lego Ideas submissions includes not one but two Taylor Swift sets.

There are 49 sets currently under review, each having broken the 10,000 supporter barrier. That means that they’ll all be personally reviewed by Lego. And, if they’re approved, they could become official Lego sets. Plenty of ideas have gone on to become actual sets, from Sonic the Hedgehog through to the recent Lego Insect collection.

So what’s up for review this time around? There are two sets based on the house from Taylor Swift’s Lover video, The Muppets Theatre, Mister Rogers Neighborhood and many more. You can find them all through Lego’s blog post here.

So which ones would we like to see become official sets? It’s tough to choose since there’s an awful lot of talent on display here. But if absolutely we had to pick, we’d choose these five:

  • Western River Steamboat
  • Mister Rogers Neighborhood
  • Retro Arcade
  • Marine Life 2
  • “Big Boy” Locomotive

Lego’s Ideas team is still reviewing 2023’s first lot of submissions, all 71 of them. They promise to release those results soon if you’re a Lego-loving Swiftie you’ll have to wait a lot longer for this crop to be judged.

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