A LEGO Santa’s Sleigh Will Be Available from 1st October

LEGO 40499 Santa's Sleigh

Ho ho ho! LEGO’s really getting into the festive spirit this year. On top of a new Winter Village set, a buildable penguin and new tree decorations, we’re also getting Santa’s Sleigh. This beautiful little set contains an ornately-decorated sleigh complete with a Santa minifigure, a haul of gifts, and four wonderful reindeer to make it fly.

Okay, pedants; we know there are more than four reindeer in the traditional tellings of Santa Claus’ story. We imagine the rest of them are taking a break. There’s also no obviously red-nosed one, so maybe Rudolph is off leading a coup somewhere.

LEGO 40499 Santa's Sleigh

Regardless, LEGO 40499 Santa’s Sleigh is a beautiful set, and will make a great Christmas decoration, or a festive gift. There’s one downside though: it costs £34.99 which, for an unlicensed set with only 343 pieces, feels a bit steep to us. We’d imagine most of the cost comes from the reindeers; they’re moulded, like LEGO horses, and presumably made especially for this set.

There’s no denying this is a lovely set, though, and we’re looking forward to putting it proudly on display over the Christmas period. It’ll be available to purchase form 1st October. You can see more information about it on LEGO’s website.

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