LEGO Ideas Spotlight: The Gramophone

There’s something alluring about real-world objects made out of LEGO. Perhaps it’s why we love the LEGO Ideas Typewriter so much. Seeing an everyday object take on a new life in brick form is rather magical. And following suit is VNMBricks’ recent LEGO Ideas submission: The Gramophone.

Before modern record players came along, there was the gramophone. It’d play a vinyl record in a similar way – via a needle that sits in the groove of the record – but rather than sound coming out of speakers, it would come out of a horn. Gramophones (or phonographs, as they were also known) were typically made out of wood or brass, and they’re an iconic symbol of the 1920s and 30s.

This LEGO Gramophone is immediately recognisable in its shape. A brown box houses the actual record-playing part, and a gold horn protrudes form the top. It’s eye-catching, particularly with the additional detail added to the base.

It has moving parts too, making it even more intriguing. A (LEGO-built) record can be loaded into the player, which can spin around with the turn of the crank. The needle’s arm can be lifted up and down to allow a record to be inserted and removed.

VNMBricks’ model is made up of around 1,700 pieces, making it a reasonable size. The box of the Gramophone is 10×10 inches in size, with the horn being 13 inches high.

Submitted to LEGO Ideas just two days ago, The Gramophone has already reached 100 supporters, meaning it’s on stage two of the Ideas process. From here, it ultimately needs to get 10,000 votes of support before it it can be assessed by a panel of LEGO judges.

Show your support for VNMBricks’ Gramophone by clicking here to vote.

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