LEGO Super Mario Character Packs Series 3 are Coming Soon

Lego Super Mario Character Pack Series 3

LEGO has revealed that a third series of LEGO Super Mario Character Packs are on their way, and shared an image of the characters that will be included.

There’s no release date yet for Series 3, but LEGO tweeted more information will be coming “soon”. With the Luigi starter set releasing on 1st August, it would make sense for the next wave of Character Packs to launch alongside that. But we wouldn’t be surprised if we see them a little sooner, either.

Here’s a full list of the characters included:

  • Torpedo Ted
  • Boo
  • Amp
  • 1-Up mushroom
  • Parabomb
  • Buzzy Beetle (we think!)
  • Swoop
  • Goomba (or a Goomba variant)
  • Scuttlebug
  • Crowber

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